Elementary Science Fair 2022

Science Fair

1° Grade Science Fair:

      On this Science Fair, the group of 1st A prepared a presentation about plants, their needs, characteristics and how to take care of them, how to distinguish between living and nonliving things and the different ways in which animals can be classified.

2° Grade Science Fair:

On this Science Fair, the group of 2nd A prepared a presentation about the vital organs in our bodies. Their characteristics, how they work, what are their functions and how to take care of them were presented to the rest of the class with props and experiments.

3° Grade Science Fair:

We had a lot of fun learning about the classification of waste and how to protect out resources. Students learned the differences between healty and unhealthy food. They chose only healthy food to create a lunchbox.

4° Grade Science Fair:

We learned about adaptation of living things, the components of a food chain, how the skeletal system works and its structure. Also, we saw the 3 states of matter and its properties. Students talked about the effects of alcohol consumption and nervous system.

5° Grade Science Fair:

During the science exposition students explained the next topics:

digestive system and its process, types of microorganisms and they saw them by using a microscope, respiratory system process and components and also the circulatory system and its function.

  6° Grade Science Fair:

Our 6th grade students presented their science fair projects, talking about different topics such as Photosynthesis, Matter, Energy and heat.

Students explained by themselves some interesting experiments that we enjoyed and learned about.